Kohler CLEAR 1.7 C5


CLEAR 1.7 C5 Portable Power Water pump, equipped with a engine.


CLEAR 1.7 C5 Portable Power Water pump, equipped with a engine

Water pump specifications

Type liquid Clear water with little sediment pump
Suction diameter [mm] 25
Backflow diameter (mm) 25
Outflow maximum (L/min) 110
Outlflow maximum (m3/h) 6.60
Lifting height (m) 32
Suction height (m) 8
Granulometry (mm) 8
Automatic priming Yes
Fuel Mixing (unlead + oil 2%)
Tank (L) 0.60
75% cons. (l/h) 0.80
75% Autonomy (h) 0.80
Sound power level guaranteed LwA dB(A) 110
Acoustic pressure level @1m in dB(A) 97
Acoustic pressure level @7m in dB(A) 82

Engine specifications

Engine ref. KC26_C5
Engine Type 2 Stroke
Start Starter
Oil shutdown Non
Displacement (cm3) 26

Dimensions and weight

Length (cm) 33.60
Width (cm) 23.70
Height (cm) 31.30
Dry Weight (kg) 5.50


Packaging type Box
Length (cm) 35.80
Width (cm) 26.30
Height (cm) 32.30
Weight (kg) 6.80
Pallet type 120/80
Number of box by pallet 36
Pallet height (cm) 142
weight of the packaged Pallet (kg) 254.80

Product advantages

Ergonomic, light and compact equipment
Automatic priming
Offeres accessories

Accessories supplied

Inlet filter
Screw-on connectors
User and maintenance manual


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