The Segway Navimow i108E revolutionizes lawn care with its smart and efficient mowing technology. This automatic lawnmower offers precise GPS-guided navigation, allowing it to maintain your lawn evenly and autonomously without the need for boundary cables. Ideal for smaller gardens up to 800 m², the i108E is distinguished by its ease of use: With the help of a user-friendly app, you can schedule mowing times and manage settings conveniently from your smartphone.

With its advanced sensors, the Navimow i108E navigates safely around obstacles and automatically stops to prevent accidents. Its quiet operation ensures that mowing can be carried out at any time without disturbances. The Segway Navimow i108E represents a smart solution that keeps your lawn in top condition with minimal effort and maximum precision.



Effortless mapping all the way

With the all-new AI-powered Assist Mapping feature, Navimow identifies the edges of your lawn during mapping and automatically navigates and maps the entire work area. *

Quick, wire-free setup

Connect and control your robotic mower using the Navimow app. With just a few taps, you can set virtual boundaries, mark off-limit islands, and draw safe channels to connect multiple zones.

EFLS 2.0, Vision-enhanced, fits all gardens

EFLS 2.0: an AI-enhanced GNSS location system provides stable centimeter-level positioning to handle an incredibly diverse range of lawn layouts.

When the satellite signal is weak, secure Navimow within boundary with vision, and provide extra safety.

When the satellite signal is weak, navigate with vision, and cover more corner cases.

Efficient, Flawless Lawn Maintenance

Mows your lawn exactly how you like it, intelligently recharges, and keeps mowing until the job is done. Changes mowing direction after 100% coverage, so your lawn stays healthy and looks fresh.

Ride-on, Right on.

Sets ideal boundaries to fit each part of your lawn and cuts right to the edge with a stunning level of precision.


Anytime, anywhere, mow it your way.

Create a schedule for each area and let Navimow do the rest, even when you’re not around.

Smart object avoidance

VisionFence enables Navimow to proactively and smoothly avoid objects. A fish-eye camera with a 140-degree field-of-view provides a wide detection range, and built-in AI algorithms distinguish grass from other common objects.

Handles slopes of up to 30% (16°)

24.5cm (9.65 in) diameter front wheel with powerful traversing capabilities

IP66 waterproof, durable, and easy to clean

58 dB(A) noise output level for a noticeably quieter experience

Automatically suspend mowing in adverse weather based on local weather forecasts.

800 square metre cutting capacity


  • Robot garage (from 2024)
  • Temporary fence
  • Blade assembly
  • Antenna extension kit
  • Antenna extension cable.
  • Navimow Access+ 4G module


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